Saturday, December 13, 2008

True Horse Whisperer


Terri Jay, internationally acclaimed intuitive, psychic and animal communicator, has extraordinary abilities in the realm of psychic and telepathic communications with �animals. �Terri is a life-long horsewoman with a diverse background in many equestrian pursuits from race horses to dressage to show jumping to barrel racing, she can connect to horses and help to determine the source of the problem.. �She can find and help eliminate health, soundness and behavior problems to maximize performance, improve quality of life and deepen relationships for a more harmonious partnership. �Terri says that True Horse Whispering is the ability to communicate with horses mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, and soul-to-soul. �All animals are telepathic. �Terry believes it�s just a matter of learning how to send and receive this unrealized communication. �

She has devoted her life to helping clients all over the world to connect with all animal species and can detect sources of illness, pain, emotional distress and behavior problems. She has communicated with all kinds of exotic big cats such as pumas, tigers and lions, to tiny pet rats and hamsters. �Terri Jay will provide us with her insights and enlighten us on her abilities and unique gift as psychic messenger.�

Join me, Dr. Anna Maria Prezio on �Spiritual Animals�, Monday, December 15th, 8pm EST on � Terri Jay, the True Horse Whisperer, will infuse us with her knowledge and abilities as Psychic Messenger.

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