Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anna Maria Prezio on Michigan Paranormal Underground radio show Tues, 12/9 - 9pm EST


Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive and Author

Steven Raebel

Date / Time: 12/9/2008

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number:               (646) 716-4140       

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive and Author has studied with a multiple of feng shui masters and metaphysical gurus. She has devoted herself to helping others achieve optimum positive environmental energies. Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner with an advanced graduate certification from the American Feng Shui Institute, Chinese Metaphysical Studies, and the Imperial School of Feng Shui. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Villanova University, a Business Graduate Degree and a Ph.D. in Holistic Alternative Psychology. Her expertise is in the communication arts, visual arts and entrepreneurship. She is a certified entrepreneurship instructor for the Executive Entrepreneur Institute and has held positions as a marketing executive for multi-national corporations. As a marketing consultant in health care, entertainment, and the non-profit sectors she has incorporated her knowledge of Feng Shui and its effects on personal environments to enhance people's lives. Ms. Prezio's mission is to help people gain the knowledge and tools of Feng Shui to improve and enhance their wealth, health, creativity and relationships. Anna Maria Prezio has audited hundreds of Feng Shui sites. Her clients include: Hollywood casting directors, costume designers, actors, writers, directors, engineers, airline executives, business owners, doctors, real estate agents, building contractors, architects, corporate executives and brokers. Ms. Prezio is a writer. She has published screenplays, articles and books. Her love for the visual arts has led her to produce feature films, film shorts, music videos, and photography. Her experience, Feng Shui knowledge and highly intuitive talent gives her the ability to sense people, places and things which help to nurture and facilitate her clients' lifestyles.


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