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Date: November 19, 2008 Issue # 1110
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The Long Story Short, Denise Cassino

Star Publish LLC – T.C. McMullen –

Joyce and Jim Lavene will be signing copies of their two new releases,
WICKED WEAVES and THE TELLTALE TURTLE, at the Cape Fear Crime Spree in Wilmington, NC and the Mobile, AL Renaissance Faire this fall. They are currently working on a new book and look forward to the May release of
their fifth Peggy Lee Garden Mystery, A CORPSE FOR YOU.

Debbie Jordan – "The World I Imagine" and "Lion's Pride"

John McCain claims the problems of uninsured people and the high cost of medical services can be corrected by "market forces." He ignores the fact that "market forces" cause this mess in the first place.

Whenever I hear McCain sounding the warning about government employees making "decision" about our health care, I remember that he's received government-administered medical care every day of his life. What I do not hear from him is an explanation of the terrible experience he's had in the delivery of poor medical care of being denied necessary care as a result of any decision made by a government employee. He seems to be in excellent shape for a man of his age who was so badly injured during his North Vietnamese internment and has survived multiple cancers. How can he say that we'll receive any care that is worse than the government program that seems to have benefited John McCain so well?

McCain wants insurance to be portable between jobs but doesn't mention how people will pay for coverage during time gaps between jobs.

He wants insurance companies to sell policies across state lines, which would threaten the control states exercise over companies that do business within their borders and lead to more abuses than already exist.

McCain wants to segregate sick people into a "pool" so that healthy people won't have to help pay the cost of medical services for people who actually need them. That will raise the already high cost of coverage for people who can least afford to pay for it.

McCain's health care "reform" is "business as usual." Nothing will change with Republicans in the White House
ANIMAL FAMILIES OF MOONHAVEN - by Flash Silvermoon /Animal Communicator
Its so wonderful to see how animals in a family actually behave like family. My crew shows me their devotion to each other time and time again.

As I am writing this story, my gorgeous Appaloosa mare Chinamoon is looking in the window at me slaving over a hot computer, and my dog Apple is asleep behind me on the floor My two boy cats Star and Red are fast asleep next to me on chairs and if I look out the other window on the opposite side, my most witchly black cat Jasmine is asleep on the hot tub cover. I am totally surrounded and totally loved too. Tucky, the gray Tabby, is elsewhere being mystical no doubt.

I thought that I would have to put my 14 yr. old dog, Apple down on New Years Eve, 2007. He's half German Shepherd and half Catahoula Leopard Hound, a leopard shepherd. He by the way, has had nothing but skin problems since his first rabies shot, never had them before.
[Those shots are in many cases a veterinary hustle and the honest ones will tell you that they can sometimes cause more harm than good and certainly needn't be done yearly. The vaccines are good for usually 3 yrs so the yearly shot is just a scam.] Back to the animal family stuff. My dog Apple's back leg became dysfunctional and he couldn't easily keep himself up for a while. Thankfully through homeopathy and a very brave woman cutting his long nails, he is better today over a year later. During his crisis, which lasted nearly a week, my youngest cat Star who is a sweet little white mush ball started sleeping next to Apple [short for Appaloosa because he was spotted and big as a horse]. You could see that the two of them were traveling on some other plane as they both looked absolutely dead. Apple also rarely tolerates anyone getting that close.

I am quite sure that my little Star was helping energize and heal his big bro. I have seen the younger and healthier in my family lay down and literally share energy with the elders or sick ones sometimes lying back to back.
Star has been tending to Apple by running to the door whenever Apple wants to come in from the outside. It is the cutest thing to see him sit and meow frantically until I come and let Apple inside. I discovered as I watched them more closely that Star is totally devoted to checking up on Apple in many ways and letting me know if something is not right. Also, since Apple became deaf it seems that Star understands that he has special needs and really looks after him.

Apple is a big boy and is surely on the last part of his life but he is up and around now and acting like a happy dog again. Several years ago when his best friend Bear passed, I thought that I would lose him too as he was really Bear's dog. There were a few months that were touch and go but he finally became my dog and the only dog of four left in the household. This was quite a transformation for him, but I feel like he really blossomed and has taken his job of top and only dog, quite seriously. Because Apple is a herder from both sides of his gene pool, he has modified his job to counting, clients, animals, and visitors. Since I started letting Star out a bit, Apple frets and fusses looking outside for his little brother until he sees Star come bouncing into the house and it is really, really sweet.

Apple and China have their own funny way of relating. I think they both actually love each other but they have a pretend antagonism, which looks like, "I see you, I run, you see me, you run." Neither of them has ever so much as lifted a tooth or hoof to the other and Apple patrols China's paddock daily with much dedication while I toss several flakes of hay to her. It's like they have unspoken agreements, all of them actually.

I have seen some of my furry friends who don't crave each other throw themselves between family member and an intruder. Years ago, my white cat Jade had a nearly tragic accident and needed to be in a cage for a month or 2 while she recuperated. Her brother Crystal would sit on top of her cage to protect her most of the time and we would actually have to move both of them when we needed to carry Jade somewhere to treat her injuries. A few years later, Jasmine who regularly hissed at Jade had an accident and needed to be in the cage for a week or two and that Jade sat beside her in the cage the whole time as if to say, "I know all about being in a cage sister, I am here in solidarity with you."

It is very important when a family member passes, be it human or animal, or if a lover leaves, etc., that you treat the whole family for grief as they all feel it. There are a few possibilities and they all work. GreenHope Farms has some of the best flower essences on the market and in fact has an animal line, which is fine for humans too. There is a Grief and Loss remedy, which works well as does Abandonment, and Abuse and they have an Animal Emergency that puts ordinary Rescue Remedy to shame.

If you go to my website below you can read more about my animal work as well as get the link to Greenhope Farms Flower essences. I treat my own with these as well as working as an Animal Communicator in sanctuaries w/ Big Cats, monkeys, horses and of course dogs and cats. I was part of the emotional triage team that treated many Katrina Dogs so these are tried and true suggestions. I also use homeopathy for mine and have used Ignatia Amara very successfully for grief when it is hysterical and emotional and Nat Mur when the being is sort of walled up and self-reliant.

Right now, I am writing a book about my experiences with the animals called Lifetime Companions, Love Never Dies, which particularly focuses on reincarnation and your pets. I truly know that they do come back and want to be back with their families again and again. Most of my furry family are repeaters. I write this book for my own healing of animal losses as well as to help other people with the heartbreak of losing a beloved animal friend.[this piece will probably be part of the book]

I have an excerpt in one of the latest Beltane Papers about my healing rescue work with my favorite tiger Duke and a piece about my horse Chinamoon in the new anthology Angel Horses, Divine Messengers of Hope. If you love horses, this is a great one with so many heartwarming stories. My piece is called "Living With the Mare Goddess, Chinamoon." Blessings Flash; * The Wise Woman's Tarot - http://www.flashsilvermoon/

K.L. McLoughlin
November is an exciting month for Today's Women! While lots of people will be thinking and talking about the election and what it means we will be talking about other issues that are just as important to the daily lives of today's women. Many of us are considering going back to work or getting back on to a more serious career track after having had children due to financial concerns. Helping our children and ourselves understand the dynamics and real solutions to bullying is something many of us deal with on a regular basis. Even in these stressful times we cannot afford to forget how important the goal of happiness is, we can get there and stay there if we stay true to ourselves. Everything we do in life depends on and is affected by communication. Whether it is in a business meeting or proposal, talking with friends and partners or in parenting, using stories well helps us not only get understood, but be more influential too! Have a look at November's line up and tune in Tuesday's at 5 pm ET!

Nov 18th Why Being True to Yourself is Crucial to Happiness and How to get There
With Ryan O'Reilly author of Snapshot

Nov 25th Why and How to Communicate with Stories
With George Plumley owner of Brave New Niche, a media coaching company

"Doc" E. Everett McFall, relates to the present day Veteran's and their families in his gripping memorial, I Can still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep... A Journey Into PTSD. ISBN:1432704575 . This Vietnam War Veteran, Author, Radio talk Show Host tells it like it is, as well as like it was in plain no non-sense language. Always mindful of his audience, he manages to 'keep it real' and 'simple'. "The memories," he states, "remains an unwelcome escort that travels with you everywhere, haunting your every thought."

Today E. Everett McFall educates and informs audiences nationwide on the lasting effects on combatants as he relates his emotional journey into combat. His book relates to all "warriors". "It is Searing and Ruthlessly Honest, a moving testament to the enduring pain that stems from the horror of war, " quotes a reviewer. "Powerful, the best book on the effects of PTSD that I have ever read," writes a noted mental health professional.

McFall states," I was a young teenage Naval Hospital Corpsman when I left the U.S. for a tour in Southeast Asia in 1966 with dreams and goals of someday becoming a doctor." Those 364 days in Vietnam has forever changed his life. You will laugh, you will cry as he takes you on a journey into the thought-provoking effects of WAR! Forty years later, at age sixty-two, he is still fighting through bouts of depression, nightmares, and recurring flashbacks with intrusive thoughts known as PTSD, just as the returning combat troops of today.

He continues to struggle with his inner demons and concludes every speech with a painful statement, "I left Vietnam in 1967, Vietnam never left ME!

Today, 40 years later, I Can still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep."

Review copy available if a mailing address is provided. Email contact: 219-884-0115; For more information, visit Listen to his Archived Radio Talk Shows of "The Veteran's Forum," at .

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WS Radio Interview with Susan Friedman, on her Internet talk radio show "Niches to Riches."

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Lanaia Lee to appear on Literary Pizzazz Radio Talk Show

Dec 9, 2008 ... Listen to Pam Osbey s online radio show about Lanaia Lee and Skulls of Salvation Lanaia Lee will discuss her fantasy book Skulls of ... 


Friday, November 28, 2008

Linda Ballou's Interview on Conscious Discussions Radio

This is author Linda Ballou's radio interview with Lillian Bummet on Conscious Discussions. She focused on travel writing and how to make it work for you.
We also talked about Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii and the fact that her historical novel is her ultimate destination piece!
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wai Nani Chiefess of Hawai'i - Allbooks Review

   Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Title: Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawai'i


Author:Linda Ballou



            Hawai'i was a very different place in 1779. Wai-nani is young, impetuous and rebellious. She is, as at home in the water as she is on land and often escapes to the sea where she swims with Eku, her dolphin friend, for solace. The traditions and customs of her people are rigid, and the utmost respect for elders is demanded. Wai-nani has a problem with rules.

            Born of royalty, Wai-nani leaves her home in Hana after an encounter with her male relatives. Her father orders her to marry, but refusing, she escapes to the surf and Eku. After days at sea, she finds herself on an island. This is the thinking place of Makaha, a young but fearless warrior. Wai-nani and Makaha soon become lovers. He is called away to fight, but Wai-nani follows. She arrives in the court of Lako, where she befriends his daughter Huali. Will Makaha return and claim her as his wife?

            The future holds many challenges for Wai-nani. Her failure to produce offspring for Makaha, sends him to another woman. Will  she always be the "never fading flower of his heart?"  Will she rise in the ranks to become one of the most powerful women of the time?


            Linda Ballou has lived in Alaska, California and the Hawaiian Islands. She has used her familiarity with the landscapes and the people of these locations in her writing. She has a degree in English Literature. You can read more at:


Author Linda Ballou's talent shines in this novel, her in depth research is beyond reproach. The Hawaiian culture is filled with mores and customs and this author has done her best to include most of them. This reviewer did find this slightly overdone at times, making reading tedious, however, that said, the reader is definitely made to understand all that influenced the characters in their actions. Well- written, excellent educational story, definitely recommended by reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Title: Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawai'i

Author: Linda Ballou

Publisher: Star Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-932993-88-2

Pages: 277

 Price: $ 17.95

Nov. 2008


Author Interview


Please state your name and location.  (city and State or Province, Country)


Linda Ballou-Los Angeles, California USA



Tell us the title and publisher of your book: Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawai'i- Her Epic Journey



Tell us about yourself:


Blessed with a double dose of genetic wanderlust, I love to explore. When I was thirteen, my pioneering parents took me to Alaska, where I became firmly grounded in nature. From there I journeyed to proud California, where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature at the state University of Northridge and a Doctorate in urban savvy. My debut novel, Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii is the culmination of a long-standing love affair with the Hawaiian Islands. A free-lance writer, based in Los Angeles, I'm having a great deal of fun collecting stories for my soon to be published travel collection Lost Angel Walkabout.         




When was the book released? May 2008





Give us an overview of your book.


Wai-nani: High Chiefess of Hawai'i – Her Epic Journey   is an historical novel couched in magical realism set in pre-contact Hawai'i. Wai-nani's character is inspired by the personage of Ka'ahumanu, the favorite wife of Kamehameha the Great, who was responsible for ending the 2,000-year-old Polynesian "kapu system." The turbulent romance of these Hawaiian icons is set against the backdrop of Hawai'i's most dynamic period between 1740 and 1820. Captain James Cook arrived in 1778. Cook's visit triggered change that facilitated forces already set in play by Kamehameha, the warrior prophesied at birth to bring the splintered Island people under one rule. Precocious Ka'ahumanu is revered by some as the loving "Mother of the people" and remembered by others as the "flaw that brought down chiefdom."


Wai-nani embodies all that was good in ancient Polynesian society. Athletic, assertive, and brave she stands beside her warrior-king husband sharing in his joys and sorrows for forty years. Like all Hawaiians, she is a water baby—finding strength, solace and wisdom in the sea. Her greatest pleasure is swimming with her wild dolphin friend, Eku. Throughout her life, she rails against the "kapu system" that calls for human sacrifices, separate eating-houses for men and women, and severe penalties for the slightest infractions of laws imposed upon the common people by ruling chiefs and priests vested with the power of gods. She triumphs and becomes the most powerful woman in old Hawaii.




What inspired you to write this book?


My love affair with Ka'ahumanu's story began when I lived on Kauai nearly thirty years ago. As a young woman trying to find my own way, I identified with the struggles of Ka'ahumanu breaking through the barriers of her culture. I saw her as the forerunner of the modern woman—brave, independent athletic and assertive. She stood beside her warrior-king husband throughout his tumultuous rise to power. Even she was childless and he had 31 wives she remained his friend and main consort. The royal couple made a most romantic picture as they rode monster waves together. She was a healing kahu, or teacher and held great wisdom about plants used as medicines and healing rituals. On his death bed, Kamehameha made her the first woman "prime minister" of Hawaii. She used her power to end the two-thousand year old kapu system that called for human sacrifice to pagan gods.  Wai-nani's story ends in 1819 one year before the landing of missionaries. The culture vacuum in Hawaii at the time of their arrival made fertile soil for them to plant the seeds of Christianity.





How is your book different from other books in this genre?


My story is different because it is written in first person and brings the modern reader into the hearts and minds of a people without a written history. I try to help people understand the reasons behind the Hawaiian practices and what brought about events of their time. I weave chants, mythology and legends throughout the text and mimic the rhythm and poetry of the Hawaiian language in the narrative. This story is a portal into a world you can not reach any other way.






Where can people buy your book? At my site you may receive an autographed copy shipped free anywhere in the world.

It is also available on all major online distribution sites like Barnes and and as well as You can also order at your local bookstore.



Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published? Yes. I am working feverishly to get my collection of travel essays out. I have about eighteen so far.  There will be eco-alerts scattered throughout the text letting people know about the threats to a given region.  Since I am one of the 14 million angels lost to the city of Los Angeles, my title will be Lost Angel Walkabout.


If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?


You must put forth the most professional product you possibly can. Hire an editor to fine tune your manuscript.  Shop around for your publisher. I chose Star, a boutique publisher that gives a lot of special attention to their authors that includes a custom illustration for your cover. I felt that was important for me to market my story.


You must have a budget and a plan for getting your book noticed. You must have a platform. That is a website with some writing credits and creative ways to let people see who you are. Once you have your site up and running you can link virtual book tours, post interviews, and radio interviews on your media page. Go to my site and see what I am talking about.


 Do your research before embarking in this journey so you can hit the ground running when your book does come out.  I think Brent Sampson's How to sell your book on Amazon is a good one along with the Frugal Book Promoter.




Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?


I'm proud to say Wai-nani is now sailing to Hawaii in the libraries of the Princess Cruise lines. Maybe next year they will want me to join her!


My virtual book tour, arranged by Denise Cassino, my web master who has gone full tilt book publicist, garnered half dozen internet radios shows and lots of great write ups! Just "google" my name or Wai-nani's and you will see how much she has done for me.


How did you find Allbooks Review and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us?

 I think I was poking around and found AllBooks Review. I liked the fact that you provide international exposure. My story takes place in Hawaii. I just got through writing an article for Korean Air Inflight Magazine called "Heavenly Hawaii." I know that people all over the world love Hawaii.  Reading Wai-nani will greatly enhance anyone's visit to the Islands.


Was the low cost a surprise? What other things would you like Allbooks Review to offer writers?


Yes. I very much liked the very reasonable, all-inclusive price that provided me with more than one outlet of exposure. I liked the sustained coverage for one year. I loved the idea that my book might be included in an interactive CD to libraries. Reviewer, Shirley Roe, confirmed that my book is not just entertaining it is educational.  I felt I was getting more bang for my carefully allocated bucks.



Thank you for this interview and best of luck with your book.





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