Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sharon Poppen is Poppin' Up Everywhere

Meet Sharon Poppen
By Vivian Zabel(Vivian Zabel)  
Sharon Poppen's writing brings her readers into contact with characters, places and situations that ring true and enable the reader to 'participate' in things the reader never dreamed possible. How did/does your history and home ... 
An interview with Sharon Poppen
Sharon Poppen is joining us for a couple of days this week. Her book After the War, Before the Peace is in print and available on most on-line booksellers and at Xlibris. Hannah'is available right now as an ebook at and ... 
One Down, Two to Go
By Sharon Poppen(Sharon Poppen)  
Thanksgiving has come and gone. My house was full of kids, grandkids, siblings and friends. The food was great, the turkey juicy, the wine excellent and the pies coated in lush whip cream! And, no dishes to do. ... 

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