Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nissitissit Witch the Star of Radio Show

Rosemary Chaulk visited for two hours with Portia Berry Allen on her Radio Show, Rerun’s Daughter. Chaulk’s new book, Nissitissit Witch, has taken her region by storm, touching a nerve with the legendary history of witches in Massachusetts. The book focuses on the town of North Village, a part of Pepperell MA that was once inhabited by a so-called witch. Folks died unusual deaths, Indian tribes disappeared and a mist hung over the Nissitissit River, all frightful events for the locals. Who to blame? A witch, of course. But was she a witch or merely an educated astute woman who saw what the massive pollution of our early industrial age was doing to the water, air and earth. Listen to the show to find out - available at

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