Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dianne Sagan

Hi Dianne,
We're excited to host you today.  Our readers would like to know more about you, so let me ask you a few questions:
1.            Can you describe the time you realized you were indeed a "real" writer?
I realized that I was a "real" writer when I had been writing op-ed pieces for a regional newspaper ten times a year. My husband has written a weekly column in the same newspaper and I thought of him as a writer, but not myself. We visited a writer's organization and some of the members whispered around the room that we were there and people asked us questions about our writing.

At times, I've thought that I wasn't a "real" writer if I didn't have a published book, but I've learned that there a different types of writers. I've written articles for online article banks, ezines, and short stories. If we write, then it doesn't matter what we choose to write or what genre. That we write is important.

2. What is going on with your writing these days?
My current projects include a series of Christian fiction novellas. The first is going to a publisher for consideration before Christmas of 2008. The series is called Touched by the Savior. Each book is the story of a little known woman who met Jesus during his ministry. The first, a story of Rebekah, orphaned and used as a slave by her relatives until she is taken in by Lazarus and his sisters. The second tells the story of Peter's wife. A third tells about the woman at the well after she went home from the well. Others are also planned.

I've ghostwritten ten nonfiction books in the last couple of years. Subjects included business success, leadership, health issues, overcoming your past, overcoming your fears, how to tap into your mental strength, and teaching children about finances. My husband and I are also starting a new ghostwriting and editing package called Legacy. They are not your normal memoir or family history/memory book. We work with people who would like to leave behind a message to their family and others about lessons learned in life and the legacy they leave behind.

I'm working with a revision for my novel, Escape, for a publisher who is interested in it. I hope to have a contract by the end of 2008.

I'm working on stories for several anthologies and have a story published in the Tainted Mirror anthology in October 2007. The story, Second Chances, is about my son's head injury and the aftermath.

3. What are your future goals for your writing?
My goals include ebooks, Christian fiction novellas, additional novels, and continued ghostwriting with an emphasis on the Legacy books.

Dianne Sagan was raised in Texas and is now a full-time ghostwriter and author. Her credits include 35+ editorials for the Amarillo Globe News, a regional newspaper, in addition to short stories and articles published on the internet. Dianne's works in progress include a flash fiction book with five other women writers, Women's Bible studies, a series of suspense novels, and Christian fiction. Dianne is working on a line of ebooks. She is active in her church. Her activities there include teaching Women's Bible studies, teaching Adult Sunday School, and choir. She served as a volunteer for five years with the Sharing Hope Ministry, a prison ministry to incarcerated women. She has also been a Small Group leader. Besides being a full-time writer, Dianne and her husband Greg own a business consulting firm, Sagan & Associates. She is a partner and seminar facilitator. She loves speaking to writer's groups and women's groups. Her background includes working in the private sector, small business, academia, non-profits, adult and youth training, and speaking. A member of Panhandle Professional Writers, she can be contacted through her website – Dianne Sagan, Writer –
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